First Post first post

(CC) Courtesy flickr user TMAB2003

Welp – So I’ve been talking about launching this blog for awhile, and looks like it’s finally happened.

What’ll we talk about here that we couldn’t discuss at my other blogs (all those that are exclusively mine and those I contribute to, including:,,, etc.)? Pretty much anything that wouldn’t go there, will go here.  Some things may go in both spots (but usually not).  

Though for a more firm idea of what’ll be what – check the banner above (notwithstanding the typo, though all things considered even the typo is entertaining in this case).

What won’t this be – this will not be your standard Daddyblog. Honestly – for the most part – I can’t stand ‘em when they get on their soap boxes.

And – if you’re a dad (or anyone really) and are so inclined – drop me a note (email address on about page) – would love to have the occasional guest blogger around here.



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