Doctor Who 90’s Movie

So, after catching up on everything Doctor Who from the modern era, we’re now working our way back. ¬†Simultaneously trying to find a way to introduce the munchkins to Doctor Who, and so we’ve landed at the 90’s movie. ¬†Though it’s very 1980’s in feeling – kinda Amazing Stories or Outer Limits (80’s) in style. Some initial thoughts:

  • Here The (8th) Doctor, Paul McGann, looks oddly like Roger Daltry, naturally, of The Who
  • The post-regeneration, unoccupied hospital wing, scene is a bit Highlander-ish.
  • The Doctor seems to have run-ins with Doctors frequently (which kinda makes sense)
  • The TARDIS’s leisure areas are bizarre. It had so much storage! And plants!
  • There’s almost no sonic screwdriver use (at least so far, EDIT:nope, not enough sonic screwdrivering)
  • High Council logo’s is everywhere inside the TARDIS
  • The Master’s Robes…OMG

Final Verdict: All in, not a great into to the series IMHO. I do think starting with 9 might be a problem though. Perhaps going all the way back to the classic series is the way to go. Will have to preview them and find out.

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