I didn’t think the Onlive interface could get worse…then this happened….

OnLive LogoIt got worse.

I thought endless scrolling screens was pretty horrible, but the new Windows 8-esque layout really takes the cake. Not only does it not cure any of the prior failings but it’s hyper sensitive to the controller meaning single increment scrolling is challenging.

The big thing that’s missing from OnLive (whether through the console interface or online) is some kind of a directory of games with ratings, genre/category of games, year of release, etc. Heck, even original platform and reviews from an established industry should be easy enough to source.

Other “would be nice” features include¬†limiting the displayed games by rating (i.e. age appropriateness – which OnLive DID have but then got rid of a few months back), style or category of games (sports games aren’t interesting to me), interface required (if I’m on the console why bother showing me games that require a keyboard and mouse, or if you want to display them that’s dandy, but give me the option of not having them listed so I can get to my stuff faster), use of a BT connected tablet or mobile as a second controller, and some proper educational software.

All that being said – the new addition of the Harry Potter Lego games (plus some others I’m sure, but to heck if I can find ‘em…and get off my lawn) to the subscription service and the overall experience and value tends to be pretty good. Though, on paper, the Ouya could give it a run for its money.

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