Review: #SpeedStickGear

Image Property Colgate-Palmolive

Recently the folks over at Influenster┬áhit me up to review the new SpeedStick Gear deodorants with “DryCore” technology. Yep, I know, but still – branding ;-). And yes, by way of disclosure – they provided me two free sticks for purposes of this review.

Here’s the short version – it’s damn good stuff and I’ll likely switch. ┬áThe long version is below the jump.

Long version – I’m pretty damn brand loyal, especially when it comes to personal care items – when I find a personal care product that works and doesn’t react badly with anything else I use I tend to use until it stops doing what I need it to do. Before trying the new Gear products I was on Old Spice (the new crop of scents) so was a bit hesitant to switch for no reason.

That being said, I figured ‘What the Heck.’ I do have a bit of a loyal streak for SpeedStick – my first deodorant was SpeedStick – but back then the scents were a bit simpler than what’s out there now – while Fresh Force is quite nice I couldn’t tell you what it smells like. My first SpeedStick scent was ‘Lime.’ I’ll give you a few minutes to guess what it smelled like.


Back on topic – I tried both Fresh Force and Clean Peak for a week at a time, then for a day or two used Fresh Force on one side and my Old Spice on the other. The new SpeedStick Gear was the clear winner. Besides doing what it’s supposed to do – it goes on smooth (not at all crumbly) and while I didn’t do a full ’48 hour test’ it did take a particularly rough day-plus in stride. I’m definitely a fan and would recommend anyone looking for some extra performance or a new brand to give it a shot.

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