About DadHack

DadHack was an idea born a number of years ago – a site or blog for all those little things dad do around the house that involve ‘hacking’ (in the true sense of the word).  I bought it while thinking up hacks in my own life when dealing with my own lil ones.  That was back in May ’07 when I first bought the domain. A few months later I sent a note with a DadHack I was pretty happy with to the folks at the GeekDad blog at Wired and it got written up.

Then things got busy – job changes, schools, more munchkins…you know the drill.

So now I’m finally bringing it back to life, but things have changed a bit.

I’m a single dad to three munchkins – I get to have my 7, 5 and almost 2 (as of mid-2012) year-olds every other weekend (and some holidays/school breaks of course).

My day job is that of digital marketer slash PR-guy.  To add to the list I’m also a former practicing attorney, a techie/geek in all kinds of ways, blogger (at a number of different blogs) crafty, a bit of a photo-bug and eternally interested in new things.  I’ve lived in NYC for nearly 12 years (Manhattan for all of it until recently – I’ll likely relocate to Brooklyn within a few months), with 15 years in S. Florida before that, and 10 years in Kentucky before that.

What you’ll find here? Projects for dads (or moms) and kids of a variety of ages (particularly those that don’t require weeks to do/wait for), info on parenting activities/things to do in NYC,  reflections on (single) parenting, NYC recreational things (venues, shops, etc.), recipes, rants, random thoughts, lots of tech/geeky/space stuff, and anything else I’d like to post.

I’m sure this section will continue to evolve.  But if you want to catch me on all my “social” sites – checkout my about.me page. Want to reach me by email – nb [at] dadhack.com (fair warning – that just forwards to one of my other email accounts, so the response won’t come from there).