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Balancing Being a Dad and Life as a Solo Pro

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The below post is from fellow dad and PR professional Jason Mollica.  Full details on Jason at the bottom of the post.

I have to admit… it was tough trying to juggle being a parent and public relations pro. I’d rarely be able to get my kids on the bus and by the time I’d get home, the kids already had dinner.  I felt like I was succeeding at my job, but not as a parent. It ate me up inside.

A year ago, I got let go from my job. Ironically, it was after getting my daughter on the bus for her first day of school.  It really was a blessing in disguise because I wanted to start my own business.  Even greater, I could be around more for my family.Continue Reading

Pancake Hack: Win

Ahh, the bizareness of being a custodial parent every fortnight – your abode is something akin to KITT from Knight Rider – able to convert into many forms to house many (little) people, entertain and feed.  It definitely calls for some creative housing and kitchen setups, planning and work before and during those precious visits.Continue ReadingContinue Reading

Chick-fil-A, the official restaurant of the Boy Scouts of America [Humor]

First Post

Welp – So I’ve been talking about launching this blog for awhile, and looks like it’s finally happened. What’ll we talk about here that we couldn’t discuss at my other blogs (all those that are exclusively mine and those I contribute to, including:,,, etc.)? Pretty much anything that wouldn’t go there, willContinue ReadingContinue Reading