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Doctor Who 90’s Movie

So, after catching up on everything Doctor Who from the modern era, we’re now working our way back.  Simultaneously trying to find a way to introduce the munchkins to Doctor Who, and so we’ve landed at the 90’s movie.  Though it’s very 1980’s in feeling – kinda Amazing Stories or Outer Limits (80’s) in style. Some initial thoughts:Continue Reading

Chick-fil-A, the official restaurant of the Boy Scouts of America [Humor]

So the Boy Scouts of America Suck…Now What?

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) haven’t made their feelings about gay members a secret at any point in the last few years.  It does seem they’ve recently come out (pun intended) and decided to keep their policy unchanged.  Left and right on social media channels we’re seeing Eagle Scouts, former Boy/Eagle Scouts return theirContinue ReadingContinue Reading