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I didn’t think the Onlive interface could get worse…then this happened….

OnLive LogoIt got worse.

I thought endless scrolling screens was pretty horrible, but the new Windows 8-esque layout really takes the cake. Not only does it not cure any of the prior failings but it’s hyper sensitive to the controller meaning single increment scrolling is challenging.Continue Reading

Doctor Who 90’s Movie

So, after catching up on everything Doctor Who from the modern era, we’re now working our way back.  Simultaneously trying to find a way to introduce the munchkins to Doctor Who, and so we’ve landed at the 90’s movie.  Though it’s very 1980’s in feeling – kinda Amazing Stories or Outer Limits (80’s) in style.Continue ReadingContinue Reading

Science Learning Alert for Kids – Fab Kickstarter Project

Not much to say on this one except this looks simply amazing. I’m backing it and they’re still pretty far from your goal unfortunately. If you’re a parent and think our current school systems and standards of what is acceptable just don’t measure up then do your part. If you can’t donate at least promote.Continue Reading

Balancing Being a Dad and Life as a Solo Pro

The below post is from fellow dad and PR professional Jason Mollica.  Full details on Jason at the bottom of the post. I have to admit… it was tough trying to juggle being a parent and public relations pro. I’d rarely be able to get my kids on the bus and by the time I’dContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Pancake Hack: Win

Ahh, the bizareness of being a custodial parent every fortnight – your abode is something akin to KITT from Knight Rider – able to convert into many forms to house many (little) people, entertain and feed.  It definitely calls for some creative housing and kitchen setups, planning and work before and during those precious visits.Continue ReadingContinue Reading

Catching Up on Some Instagrams

Pipe Cleaner Handcuffs.  Apparently it’s 50 Shades around here…Continue Reading

So the Boy Scouts of America Suck…Now What?

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) haven’t made their feelings about gay members a secret at any point in the last few years.  It does seem they’ve recently come out (pun intended) and decided to keep their policy unchanged.  Left and right on social media channels we’re seeing Eagle Scouts, former Boy/Eagle Scouts return theirContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Instagram: Lady Bug on a Hot Day